Supernova Epic Space Effects

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This is one of the most epic collections we have done so far.

It contains extremely realistic space effects that can be used for any kind of video: commercial, music, films and any other types. These assets will make your video just EPIC. 

Supernova Space Effects pack has been carefully handcrafted so that you can create the most spectacular videos you can. 

Just check out this trailer created using effects from the pack so that you can get the  idea:

This pack includes astonishing 247 Assets:
103 Dynamic Videos (both versions: black background and transparent background) as well as 144 static assets to act as background on space scenes, add extra planets to your sky on earth videos or change the sky itself.


Collection inclues: 

Dynamic assets
Asteroids: 26
Black Holes: 14
Galaxies: 8
Planets: 46
Suns: 9

Static Assets: 
epic sky: 21
galaxy: 23
moon: 29 
planets: 29 
space: 20
stars: 27


Compatible with all major video editors including but not limited too: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci, Vegas. Email us at to see if your editor is compatible or you need any extra help.

Product summary:
- Direct Digital download
- 4k Resolution
- Compatible with All Major Video Editing Software apps
- Download link sent Instantly
- 100% Royalty Free. Pay once, use forever. 
mp4 / mov dynamic assets format
- png static assets format 

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